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So recent posts have informed me that Chord Overstreet left Glee.

I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW. Oh my god what the actual fuck?

Why didn’t they cast him as a series regular?

My feelings are everywhere.

What the hell is happening to Samcedes?

Fucking Blaine Anderson GTFO. I love Darren Criss but seriously.

I want Samcedes, and Kurtofsky to get going like they should be.


  1. bullywhipsareprotectingyou said: You missed the epic fail that was Comic-Con on Sunday. There was a serious Tumblr riot, and not in a good way, unless you’re a Klainer. Just…check out the Pirate/Kum/Samcedes blogs, and you’ll get a sense of the rage around here.
  2. retr0v said: He decided to not come back.
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